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KingdomsCrusade is mainly paid for by MrRazamataz and kind donations.

KC is a SMP server with lots of active players and useful plugins.

We have plugins to protect from grief and strict rules on no griefing or hacking.

It is possible to be 'rewarded' for donations. Check the 'info' tab more more information.
You can donate via this button:
KingdomsCrusade (
KingdomsCrusade is a minecraft server that support both Java and Bedrock players. The IP is or (default port on all clients). The World is 0 years, 5 months and 20 days old and has a file size of 67.18 GB (Last updated 10/07/2021, for a live count do /worldstats in game).
 News - 14th July 2021:
  Thank you to Step_Ghost for donating £5 to the server! The webiste now uses https.
 News - 8th July 2021:
  Massive thanks to A8B__ for donating £20 to the server! This is going towards hosting and plugin costs, we are   working on some dapper things, so stay tuned (join the discord for the most updates).
 News - 16th June 2021:
  Thanks you to pparty25 for donating to the server :D
 News - 14th June 2021:
  VodkaFroggie101 just donated £10 to the server! Thank you!
 News - 14th June 2021:
  KC has had 2000 unique players join the server and a world filesize of 56.57GB!
 News - 11th June 2021:
  We're now a (invite-wise) public Discord server! Custom link:
 News - 5th June 2021:
  There is now a pride month logo for the discord and the mc server (perm link here)
 News - 31st May 2021:
  volar has donated to the server! Thank you so much!
 News - 24th May 2021:
  boppity donated to the server... Again! Thank you
 News - 22nd May 2021:
  The discord bot accounts have all been dealt with.
 News - 20th May 2021:
  The current KC map is now 4 months old, with a filesize of 49.22GB!
 News - 8th May 2021:
  boppity has donated to the server!
 News - 26th April 2021:
  The discord server is currently suffering from an influx of discord bots.
 News - 13th April 2021:
  The world file size is now 40GB in size, total server size: 61GB.
 News - 13th April 2021:
  Onionbo donated £15 to the server, thanks so much, this will go to hosting and plugins!
 News - 11th April 2021:
  Phill donated £10 and boosted the discord server, thanks alot!
 News - 2nd April 2021:
  Koloala donated to the server.. again! Huge thanks to them, we have some epic plans for KC, they just need some   time, stay tuned.
 News - 9th March 2021:
  KC now has a proxy and a queue server so if the main server is full, you can queue until space frees up. This is   unlikey to be needed at the time of writing but it's cool to have.
 News - 4th March 2021:
  Koloala donated to the server, thanks for that!
 News - 21th Febuary 2021:
Reggie and Spacelotion both donated to the server! Massive thanks!
News - 5th Febuary 2021:
This website goes live!
Website last updated 27th November 2021.
Donation rewards and Hardware info:
For donating you can get non-p2w benifts

There are multiple options for donation but first, please read this below.
I want to make a few things clear:

1. You do not have to donate at all, I'm grateful for you even playing on the Minecraft server.
2. This is not a pay to win server. The only perks of donating are purely cosmetic and access to different channels on the Discord server.
3. All donations will go to the upkeep of the server.

To donate to the server, head on over to here and you can select a tier.
Server hardware and costs
The Minecraft server costs $38 a month plus the yearly domain cost (for the .net) of like $5.
The server runs on a dedicated machine with 64GB of RAM and a Ryzen 5 3600. KC itself is allocated 20GB of ram and the proxy has 10GB (proxy handles bedrock players, so needs a fair amount of RAM). This will be increased if needed. I think this is the cheapest way of getting this hardware, if you know of a better way, let me know and I can talk a look. Donations are welcome to help pay the bills.
The server is maintained by MrRazamataz and paid for by MrRazamataz, some admins, and kind donations from the players.
Contact the operator of KC:
Discord: MrRazamataz#6614 Email: [email protected]
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Moderation Apply:

Apply page link

This website conatins infomation such as news and updates to the server along with donation and hardware infomation.